Saturday, September 8, 2007

What a difference ten days make ...

Here they are again: Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin are the preliminary names that I prefer. Anja sticks to Nicki, Nacki, Nucki, and Necki. We both agree to consider the other's names as silly. :-)

Initially, they have been as thin as their mothers legs. The length was about the half. Nowadays, the four little mothersuckers have doubled both size and length. Don't ask about the weight. In ten days.

The eyes are now open. Although approximately half of the time is spent for drinking Mama empty (I hope they stick to the milk.) and the other half is left for sleeping, they start to rob, crawl, and tussle with each other. A finger held to their nose is replied with resolute hissing. Quite comparable to Marie, who also tries rather hard to be impressive when she declares herself as a grown up. Of course, she also enjoys to visit and cuddle the cute bunch. Unfortunately, the nest is situated on the attic, quite close to the toys and clothes she had in the past. In other words, any visit is typically ending with a discussion whether or which piece she may bring down. Therefor, fun is a little bit reduced.

If you notice a brown blot at the top of the picture: That's been Gandalf's blood in the birth. Of course, we did not exchange the towel: The babys definitely prefer this one's smell and sense and would possibly be shocked by a completely different environment. Apart from that, the nest is absolutely clean. Better not to enquire how Mama Gandalf achieves this ...

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sgala said...

Hey, I can't believe your cat is very similar to my Huma :)

I still remember when she had 4 cats, four wild creatures very difficult to manage. :)

Re: the towel, she will quite probably move the whole lot in 10 more days or so. I got highly surprised when she moved them inside a cupboard, and later learned that cats typically moves once before the little ones can walk.