Friday, July 18, 2008


I am currently preparing a proposal for the Apache Labs. It will be something like an absolute minimal registry for writing JAXR based unit tests, running on Apache Derby. The idea is, that with existing registries (in my case CentraSite) you'll rarely be writing unit tests, because the overhead is so high, that nothing below integration tests makes sense.

Like any child, this one needs a name. With names, however, I am as inventive as the former federal german phone company. (The companies current successor is inventive, in particular with new ways to bill you for things that have been free in the past.) Usually, a projects name would be discussed on the corresponding mailing list.

In this case, however, it is more than likely, that I'll be the only user. So I though to ask here: As far as I know, this blog has at least two users and thats more than one, isn't it? So far my only idea was JaxMas, in honour of my former child JaxMe and due to the fact, that I had the idea on christmas. Better suggestions more than welcome!

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