Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bad news for Oracle

I think this is bad news for Oracle: Groklaw will cover the Oracle-Google litigation on Java patents allegedly violated by Android's Dalvik JVM.

Well deserved. If big companies believe that software patents are a good thing, then only because there is a balance between 'em. Assuming that Oracle is not by itself violating one patent or the other is ridiculous. Now Oracle has annihilated this balance. Just at the same time when they announced to drop OpenSolaris. I think they'll soon learn that Google is not the only opponent they have acquired. A pinprick (Bugzilla's main developer requests dropping Oracle support as a consequence of the patent litigation.) is only a pinprick, but we'll see how many of them will follow.

If I were a Google lawyer, I'd definitely follow Groklaw in the months and possibly years to come: Groklaw's much more than a pinprick.

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